Zeit - Temps - Time by Ines von Ketelhodt

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I took pictures while walking through Vienna’s Prater, when I saw this girl, enclosed in a man-size Aqua-Ball, trying to walk over water. She moved around, stumbled, stood up and tried to walk again. Those with good balancing skills and a little patience will get the knack and elegantly walk over water. This accordion book shows two photographic series of two different motifs, taken in Vienna’s Prater, an amusement park in Austria. Both motifs, which alternate rhythmically in the concertina book, address the themes of movement, circles and time. The photographs include a text passage from Act One of Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s play “The Cavalier of the Rose” (1911), in the original German version, as well as a French and an English translation: “Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbares Ding / Le temps est subtil comme un poison / Time – how strangely does it go its ways”. The texts come in various sizes and levels of transparency, overlapping with each other in the photographs.

Artist Bio

Ines von Ketelhodt studied at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach/Germany and works in the fields of photography, artist's books and graphic design. She was a co-founder of "Unica T" (1986-2001). Ines worked together with Peter Malutzki on the 50 volumes book art project "Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlön" (1997-2006). Her main interests include: experimental typography and photography (such as long exposure time, taking photographs by chance); combination of photography and typography; combination of old and new techniques (letterpress, photographic prints, offset and digital printing). Exhibitions: 2002: Artist's Books from Germany, Takeo Gallery, Tokyo/Japan. 2006: Photography and the Artist Book, Gallery Light Factory, Charlotte/NC. 2007: Zweite Enzyklopädie von Tlön, Gutenberg-Museum, Mainz/Germany. 2008: Tweede encyclopedie van Tlön, Museum Meermanno, TheHague/Netherlands. 2011: MCBA Prize/Finalists, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis/MN. 2012: Diamond Leaves, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing/China. 2013: Seductive Alchemy, TWU Gallery, Denton/TX. 2014: Éloge de la rareté, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris.