Written by Bill Westheimer

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Written represents the challenge of writing a book by enclosing a sharpened pencil inside the book sculpture which is also pierced by five additional pencils. Now that most authors write using a computer instead of pencil and paper the anachronism of pencils are piercing the sculpture of the book vessel. There is no written content, no pages, just the writing implements which represent the creativity and imagination that infuse a book with excitement and pleasure, or in the case of an author with writer's block, agony.

Artist Bio

Since making my first photograph at 14, I've been fascinated with alternative processes including high school experiments in holography, solarization, and high contrast imagery. Recent work includes photograms made on collodion glass plates, Ilfochrome and gelatin silver media. I collaborated with Charles Schwartz on a camera obscura project documenting New York, and recently completed MANUAL - Portraits of people seen though their hands and CRICKETS: a handmade book created with Leonard Seastone. I am now making 3D printed artist books which combine 21st century and 19th century processes to investigate the future of books.