Woodcutter’s Song by Susan Steinhaus Kimmel

Inspired by the poetry of Ki No Tadama, an ancient Japanese poet (966-999). The maple burl wood cover, earth tone papers, and various inks reflect the topic of nature contained in each of the six poems. The simplicity of the poetry is matched with two lettering styles. The poems are lettered in Uncials, a lovely yet unadorned style. The names of the poets are lettered in a script designed just for this book.

Artist Bio

Susan Steinhaus Kimmel is a professional artist working in West Richland, Washington. Her primary media include Book Arts, collages, paintings and silver jewelry. Her art expresses a quiet appreciation for the beauty of materials and textures, feelings about places traveled, and messages of hope and celebration. In the Eastern Washington landscape she finds both beauty and strength. Susan's small one-of-a-kind books and boxes are finely crafted statements exploring nature, seasons and poetry. Infusion of text and image, the artist's book evolves from idea to form. The creative process for these books involves meticulous planning and intuitive meshing of words and shapes. The intimate scale of the books requires the viewer to come close and engage themselves in the creative process. Susan speaks a visual language that has been woven with threads of experience and colored with seasons of her life. The meaning of her art comes not from intellectual discourse, but from articulation of feelings. Susan wants her art to affirm life and be a reminder that there is a positive aspect of humankind worth celebrating.