Windows in the Sky by Patty Bruce

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Windows in the Sky is a book about man seeking to define himself within the space he lives. There is a clear and continual need for man to measure himself through faith, fantasy or physics. Man uses all his mind and strength to seek the heavens above him today and yesterday. Is it innate curiosity or intellectual prowess that drives him into the far? From first looks into his universe he longs to be joined with the great beyond. He asks himself, “Do I have company or am I alone?” “Are there angels or aliens?” Did I fall from above designed by a big God, or am I the product of a Big Bang?” From his earliest beginnings until this very day man must decide what he thinks might exist away from his home on Earth. An individual ideology, a scientific theory, or a belief system, Windows in the Sky asks one to consider the question. What do you see and believe is through that window?

Artist Bio

Patty Bruce is currently a resident of Boston, Massachusetts. She earned a MSED from the University of Southern California and a degree in graphic design while in Texas. Her interest in binding started building about a decade ago, which has now developed into a full time passion. She trains at the American Academy of Bookbinding with Monique Lallier specializing in French binding and studies other archival structures from Jan Sabota in the Czech Republic. Her experiences now include printmaking, letterpress and sculptural binding allowing a fuller realization of the completed book. Her early work “In Flight” was exhibited in the GBW Exhibition 2003. Additionally Bruce’s works have been accepted for the Helen Degolyer Triennial Exhibitions in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012; Chicago Public Library “One Book Many Interpretations” 2006 and 2012; “Book Power” at the Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon 2010, and “Uncommon Threads” 2011, Chapter Exhibitions around the country and private collection. She recently received First prize in the New England Chapter juried competition of the “Pictorial Webster.” Currently her work is represented in the GBW Exhibition “Horizon” 2012-2014. Bruce received a Master’s of Object/Sculptural Binding diploma from Society of Bookbinding of the Czech Republic. She works full time binding books in her studio in Massachusetts.