Wind & Snow by Camille Riner

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The wind blows, snow flutters all around and the stars glint in the sky. I tried to capture the vastness of the evening sky and the wonder of looking up into a shower of snowflakes in my book Wind & Snow. This miniature can be opened out into a star shape and hung as an ornament or opened up and "read" as a book. The book features digital images of one of my relief prints of snow flakes digitally collaged with photographs of the sky at dawn and dust from my front yard in the northern United States. The relief block for this book was carved and then hand printed on my etching press, scanned and digitally painted and collaged.

Artist Bio

Camille Riner was schooled as a printmaker, papermaker, and designer getting her MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At that time she created large sculptural relief prints on handmade papers. Years later, after the birth of her daughter, she sought to do something smaller, something that did not include the noise of power tools and long involved clean-ups. At a workshop with Bonnie Stahlecker she learned about artists' books. Making artists' books allowed Camille to use her printmaking and design skills to create her own interactive images. Riner exclaims, "Imagine my delight when I could combine my love of books and words with my art." Camille was an art instructor at Southwestern Michigan College until she and her husband started their publishing business. Currently she balances her time between collaborating with her husband doing commercial book design and her own art.