Why You Can't Get Married by Nava Atlas (Hard Cover)

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Why You Can't Get Married: An Unwedding Album demonstrates how the very arguments used to oppose interracial marriage in generations past have been recycled for use against same-sex marriage. The album's prettiness stands in stark contrast to the ugliness of the language of bias framed within, a stark reminder that there's still a way to go to before equal protection under the law is achieved, affecting the freedom to marry desired by numerous committed couples. I made this book because I observe the absurd situation of several sets of gay friends whose marriages aren't recognized in the states in which they live. In addition, I'm the parent of a transgender bisexual daughter and believe that who she chooses to love, and eventually settle down with, should not be dictated by outmoded laws. Click here to see the soft cover second edition of this book.

Artist Bio

Nava Atlas has combined her experience in the fields of publishing and the fine arts to arrive at her interest in book arts. Incorporating elements of her own writing or appropriated text with found images and materials, her artist's books and altered books explore issues of gender and social justice. Tinged with irony, they aim to demonstrate how language and media images perpetuate intransigent cultural narratives and stereotypes. Nava's limited editions have been shown nationally in museums, galleries, and alternative art spaces, and are housed in dozens of artists' book collections. She has a special interest in the intersection of artists' books and trade editions. Nava's archive of papers is permanently housed at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture at Duke University. She lives and work in the Hudson Valley region of New York State; more about her work can be seen at http://www.navaatlasart.com.