White Moderate by Sha Towers

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White Moderate explores the often invisible,  interior forces that have shaped our world. In a time filled with highly visible hatred and oppression, let us not forget the less visible yet equally destructive forces of silence and inaction.

This artist's book highlights excerpts of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 letter from the Alabama jail lamenting the "white moderate" response to civil rights issues. Like a prophet of Israel, MLK condemns the silent and actionless for being "more devoted to order than to justice," and laments that they equate peace with the "absence of tension" and value this over justice.   

White Moderate is an accordion structure with hand lettered calligraphic text.

Artist Bio

Shā Towers is an artist working in book arts, calligraphic arts, and music. His artist's books appear in private and university special collections across the United States and his work has been featured in several international juried exhibitions. He is the founder and curator of the book arts collection at the Baylor University Libraries where he also serves as arts librarian and Associate Dean for Research and Engagement. You can see more of Sha's artwork at linktr.ee/shatowers.