When I Fly by Sharon Kallenberger, Bryan Kring, and Lisa Rappoport

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Dreams of flight are not uncommon, especially in childhood. They are often treasured memories, evocations of impossible but compelling nocturnal journeys; most bring pleasure but some take a more threatening turn. They may reveal aspects of our nature we’re reluctant to face in waking life. Sharon Kallenberger, Bryan Kring and Lisa Rappoport solicited accounts of such dreams and chose 14 to include in this anthology. Each shows a unique expedition into the dream world. The floating figures, drawn by Bryan, were pressure printed in ethereal violet ink, in a pale, gradually darkening tone as the narratives proceed; then progressively lightening on the other side. These bodies, swimming in a reified space behind the text, unite the dreamers and their dreams in a realm which the reader travels by unfolding the pages The structure expands to a 72” wide leporello, providing ample space to traverse the dreamscape.

Artist Bio

Sharon Kallenberger is a letterpress printer, graphic designer, printmaker, and creative director based in Oakland, California, working under the name Offshoot Works.

Book artist Bryan Kring starts with a simple object or idea and unleashes stories and pictures that are at once whimsical and profound, often with moving parts, windows, and other surprises. He creates small objects which charm and engage people in an intimate way. He generally makes things that can fit in your hands and which offer a brief sojourn into his invented world. A printmaker and graphic designer, he found his way to book art via painting and drawing — he holds a BFA in both from the San Francisco Art Institute — and creative writing.

Lisa Rappoport publishes poetry broadsides and artists' books under the imprint Littoral Press. Since 1998 she has produced a series of broadsides by the poets who teach at the Community of Writers; she has also printed poetry broadsides for Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books, the Watershed Environmental Poetry Festival, the Northern California Book Awards, and many others. Her poetry has appeared in Nostos, Caesura, and elsewhere. She is the winner of the 1998 Icarus Poetry Competition and the recipient of a poetry residency at Centrum. Her poetry collection Penumbra was published by Longship Press in 2019. Her book The Short Goodbye received the Alastair Johnston Fine Press Award and was a runner-up in the Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design. Lisa’s work has been displayed nationally and is in collections throughout the U.S. You can visit her website at http://littoralpress.com