What we carry...inside and out by Judy Sgantas

$1,200.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This piece was inspired by my love of sailing and by Hedis Secret Belgium Binding. The boat, whether a skiff or with sails—with or without paddles—has been an image that has meant much to me. The title reflects that I carry much, what is seen on the outside and much more that is in the inside. Hence the French fold lent itself to the passing image of photos from my life. As you turn the page the photos are hidden underneath inside the signature. The top, blank page is for keeping important phrases that I like to collect and hold on to. At present they are blank. The front and back inside cover have a Fibonacci (nautilus) wave that opens out in either direction, to the left and to the right. Water flows over in a soothing manner or at times buries us and knocks us off our feet, the center has waves and fish and my boat, are one. I chose whites, uncomplicated and not distracting, leaving it open for ones own thoughts.

Artist Bio

A Renaissance artist who concentrates in oils, color pencil, pencil and ink for paintings and drawings but Judy has a passion for bookmaking as well. It suits the period and her artwork so well and with a love for history and the sciences, historical bindings are intriguing. The twist of the paper engineering, the math, design and implementation is an added bonus for her. The challenge of figuring out how the structure is made and certainly when someone like Heidi helps, its lovely. Residing in Vermont and also working in our family landscape business adds to the material.