Whale Fall by Kate Barber -SOLD OUT!

Based on the research of Dr. Craig Smith, a biological oceanographer at the University of Hawaii, as heard on the Loops Episode of Radiolab, this project aims to capture a gray whale’s death cycle placed in a global context. Organized from macro to micro, the narrative is structured to conveyed a sense of beauty and awe in the unseen details of life and death by which we are surrounded.

Artist Bio

Kate (Kotan) Barber is currently a graduate student in the MFA in Book Arts Program at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the process of beginning her final thesis project. While much of her work utilizes the traditional practices of letterpress printing and hand bookbinding, her process from sketching to design largely centers around the digital. It is between these worlds that she find a temporal balance between the slowness of fine craft and the speed and spontaneity of technology. Conceptually, her work aims to process complex ideas and data into a digestible, visual language, where text and image overlap to create a narrative that invites both intellectual and emotional responses.