We Have Bee-n Warned by Fiona Dempster - SOLD OUT!


I worry about bees. Bees are critical to our food chain and their role in harvesting pollen from blossoms is at risk in different parts of the world. Albert Einstein’s wise words act as a reminder to us, and this book presents his warning with the warmth of beeswax, and the chill of a ransom note.

Artist Bio

Fiona Dempster is a calligraphic and book artist based in Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. She loves books, words, marks and text, and her work is generally elegant, spare and restrained; seeking the essence of things rather than an elaborate and complex expression of them. Fiona has studied calligraphy since she was a child and has developed fine skills in both calligraphy and as a bookmaker. Her work is often paper-based and takes the form of books; however, she also works with metal, timber and Perspex to express words and texts in ways that take calligraphy off the page and into the outdoors.