War by Christie Houston

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Through the eyes of time and tears one dreams of the impossibility of world peace.  War’s and it’s costs of human life and suffering is part of our worlds shared history. Those who seek power creating the havoc and loss of what war creates have not changed from early days of domination and plundering. We can only dream of the brief moments of life that do not splash the imagery of tragic devastation of war and loss. The imagery of the accordion structure, with its two sides represent different aspects of the story, adding depth to the narrative. The honeycombed cells and watchful eyes symbolize the sense of community and vigilance, while the rice paper collage eyebrows and blue tears evoke the emotions and suffering associated with war. The bluebirds, with their markings representing the scars of conflict, embody the resilience and resistance against the offenses of war. On the other side, the birds in flight symbolize those who have been lost and the enduring hope for the future.

Artist Bio

Christie, an artist specializing in printmaking and collage, creates unique artist's books that employ a distinctive technique. Her introduction to making books started with a selection of a single word for inspiration that opens contemplation and the wondrous interiors of her mind where the thought process to freely roams. She creates her books with her own personal interpretation using collage techniques with old and new with a bit of mark making, she transforms this word into a visual and tactile representation.

In Christie's artistic practice, she values the interplay between her own interpretation and the viewer's subjective experience. While she brings her own perspective to the creation of the artwork, she deliberately leaves room for the viewer to engage with the piece and derive their own personal meaning from it. The chosen word becomes a shared experience, bridging the gap between the artist and the viewer.

Christie produces are one of a kind artist books that combine various printmaking techniques, and collage elements, creating visually intriguing and layered compositions. The incorporation of different textures, colors, and materials further enhances the tactile and sensory qualities of her books. Christie’s work will invite the viewer to explore the possibilities of the chosen word, encouraging them to engage with their own thoughts, emotions, and associations. By fostering a collaborative and open-ended experience, her artist's books allow for personal connections to emerge.

In summary, Christie's artist's books are a testament to her love of printmaking and collage techniques. By using a single word as a catalyst for book art exploration, she invites both herself and the viewer to participate in a shared experience, where interpretation and meaning are co-created. Her work celebrates collaboration and the power of personal interpretation within the realm of visual art.