WANDERLUST Printed Exhibition Catalog

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WANDERLUST Contemporary Book Art About Travel and Place
May 27 - July 30, 2016
23 Sandy Gallery

WANDERLUST, an international juried exhibition of book art exploring the desire to travel, and the drive to discover and document place. Wanderlust is a word that can mean many things, but first and foremost it conjures travel, exploration and place. Wanderlust, a German word, made from “wandern,” which means walking, as in to take a walk, and “lust,” desire. It can also mean a strong desire to travel or discover new places. For this exhibition we sought book art that explores the definition of Wanderlust—to explore, travel, inhabit—even if only between the pages. This exhibition features 56 books by 54 artists including artists from as far away as Mexico, Spain, Norway, Germany, Canada and the UK—all telling stories of near and far. Most of the selected works revolve around a strong sense of place. More than just travelogues we found deep explorations and personal transformations across destinations.

The full-color print catalog for this exhibition is 62 pages plus cover.