Wanderjahr by Mari Eckstein Gower

"Wanderjahr" is my love poem to the transportive power of books. I am so grateful to the authors who have carried me away to distant places and times. Even when I am safe at home, the power of books and story enables me to visit tropical islands, Renaissance Europe and even outer space. For me, books open up endless opportunities to experience parts of the world I might not physically be able to visit. For me, they are the perfect antidote for my annual winter cabin fever. In "Wanderjahr" I have created the interior of an imaginary house on the front layer of my double accordion book. Each page has a cut out window to view the back layer of the book. On that layer I have created four mini-travel stories which can be viewed both from above and through the windows.

Artist Bio

Mari Eckstein Gower lives and works on her artist books in Redmond, WA. She incorporates her love of images and words in her artwork, experimenting with new forms for combining the two. She studied painting and humanities at Scripps College and Claremont Graduate University.