Wandering France by Patricia Heimerl

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In 2005, I went to France with two friends. Our plan was to fly into Nice, rent a car, and make our way up to Paris over about 20 days. Following the "Rick Steves" way, we booked overnight accommodations for just the start and finish of the trip. There were a couple of nights we came close to sleeping in the car, but in the end it all worked out. I photographed every step of the way and kept a daily travel journal. There were upsides and downsides, and I am so grateful for the experience in all its parts. I consider it the ultimate road trip of my life. For this book, I incorporated journal entries superimposed over maps of our route, along with my photographs rendered with pop-outs.

Artist Bio

Patricia Heimerl is a visual artist working in a wide variety of media. She holds a BS in Art: Drawing, Painting and Printmaking, from Portland State University. A longtime photographer, Patricia was drawn to the book arts because they allow her to incorporate all of the skills and techniques she has learned over the years into a unique form of expression. In her view, books are intimate, tactile, and capable of making a connection with the holder in a way no other art form can. Patricia creates limited-edition hand-bound books that include humorous flipbooks, pop-ups, and anything else that strikes her fancy.