Voodoo by Meryl Perloff

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New Orleans Voodoo has roots in the ancestral religions of the African Diaspora. Its name means "spirit of God." Practitioners are believers in one god, below which are the powerful spirits or angels referred to as Loa who are responsible for the daily matters of life. Each Loa is represented by a symbol that serves as a beacon for that spirit. The symbols or "Veves" when drawn on the floor or ground, oblige the spirits to descend to earth. They are part of the religious ritual. Contained in this book is a selection of those symbols showing the creative and graphic nature that is specific to each spirit. Their power draws us in.

Artist Bio

Meryl Perloff delights in creating unique sculptural forms as artists' books. Devising structures that create a visual dialog with the observer engages the artist in a process that is both private and public. Humor, fantasy, and elements of surprise encourage the viewer to interpret content in ways not previously imagined. Objects that pivot and rotate invite interest and add enthusiasm for discovery. The delivery of information in non-traditional forms inspires the artist to seek connections with viewers by expanding the realm of the familiar.