Voluptuous Vegetables & Frisky Fruits by Robin Bachtler Cushman

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Fruits and vegetables are every bit as lovely as flowers. In this book, I celebrate the sensual nature of these luscious foods. This album recalls the early days of photography, when the medium was intended as an intimate and tactile experience. Fruits and vegetables are by their nature sexual. So, with a nod to the genre of slightly naughty Victorian stereoscopic images and books, I explore these voluptuous vegetables and frisky fruits.

Artist Bio

Robin Bachtler Cushman has photographed the intersection of nature and culture for the past 14 years. Her work has focused on exploring  agriculture, horticulture, plant nurseries and the people and pollinators who make it all function. In the past three years, she has turned to making handmade artist books to get her work off the wall and into people's hands for a more intimate experience of her art. She enjoys the art of book making, but also loves the serendipity of found objects to hold her images and writing.