Vessels and Virgins by Rachel Livedalen

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In Vessels and Virgins, each page features an image of the Virgin Mary from a different Renaissance painting depicting The Annunciation. The Virgin Mary is then flanked by four images of Greco-Roman vessels. The common art historical motif of The Annunciation depicts the angel Gabriel informing Mary that she is pregnant with Jesus Christ. In this instant, Mary becomes the Holy Vessel in Christian mythology. The accompanying Greco-Roman vessels amplify this symbolism, as well as link to their preceding pagan cultural tradition. The verso silkscreened pages feature blue wavelike lines. In Annunciation scenes and other depictions of the Virgin Mary, Mary is clothed in a blue robe. This color has historically symbolized her holy stature, to the extent that various shades of blue have become part of the cultural mode of representation in conjunction with depictions of the Virgin Mary. It is because of this association that the color blue is the prominent color within this book.

Artist Bio

Rachel Livedalen is a printmaker and book artist currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Her creative research explores contemporary femininity as seen through the lens of past histories and mythologies. This usually involves the study of religion, social practices, familial roles, and cultural phenomenon. Rachel has exhibited her work widely and is currently the Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Texas Christian University. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa in 2014.