Velox Revisited by Beverly Womack

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This is a little piece of graphic arts history, a tribute to Velox. The brand name Velox processing paper, used for making prints from negatives, was a familiar friend to photographers and production artists until the mid-80s. The book’s cover is a tin from my grandfather’s amateur photography legacy. It holds its own book of colors and notes he made for color referencing. The accordion book includes a brief biography of Velox’s inventor, a few diagrams and explanations for its use, and a sample negative and print from my graphic arts treasure chest.

Artist Bio

Since she was 10 years old, Beverly Womack has pursued innumerable white spaces on which to pour out her calligraphy. Trained and experienced in old-school graphic design, her interests are multi-faceted, from logo design to framed verse. It was only a matter of time that she would arrive in the book-making arena to express her versatility of style and excellence of skill. Beverly lives in Southern California. She teaches calligraphy in elementary and high schools, public libraries, and in her home.