Various Solutions by Karen Wirth

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Various Solutions: Gas in Gas is one in a series of 3-dimensional sketchbooks exploring the classical states of matter (gas, liquid, solid). The work physically and visually illustrates the scientific concept of solutions. Images and objects take the place of instructional text. The book is made of lead, which is both the softest and heaviest of metals. Its easy malleability and very low strength tests our understanding of solid metal.

Artist Bio

Karen Wirth is an artist and educator whose work includes artist’s books, installation, and public art. She is interested in wide ranging subject matter, from architecture and science to language and numbers.  Her work has been exhibited extensively, including the Smithsonian Institution and the Walker Art Center.  She also co-designed the grand staircase at the Open Book Center and four Light Rail stations in Minneapolis. Karen is a professor and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.