Uri Mwita Mama by Judy Sgantas -GALLERY CHOICE AWARD!

$1,200.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
My husband Mark and I are both members of Teamheart. March 2017 will be our third visit to Kigali, Rwanda to do heart surgery for young people with rheumatic heart disease. My job will be to work with the "kids" pre- and post-op making books,origami, sewing, and drawing. Past years have been a remarkable and moving experience for both of us and the inspiration for this book. The women are beautiful,nurturing and loving to their children and each other. That fills your heart so full even when you thought there was no more room. I chose the paper and materials because it is what might be available to them and the means of copying and construction. Their fabrics were used for collage for both the inside and out.

Artist Bio

I am a Renaissance artist, Book maker, Educator and Master gardener, Mother and Wife. My concentration has been in painting and drawing concentrating in oils, color pencil,pen and ink and pencil.I started studying book making about twenty years ago.All of which have become a passion and inspiration.