Untouched by Inge Bruggeman

$510.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This is part of the Vista Sans Wood Type Project (visit vswtp.org for more info.). The print is about our relationship to touch not only in our lives in general, but as artists and viewers. The focus is put on the role of the print as an object and an idea. Our connection to the physical media involved is central. In this piece the wood type is touching the paper and leaving a mark – a bruise. Touch becomes what the print process is doing to the paper and the viewer's desire to interact with the work on a physical level. The laser cut text is simple and straight forward, yet represents an absence – so the medium is changing how we digest the text.

Artist Bio

Inge Bruggeman makes artist's books, print work and text-based art work. She has recently finished a 2-month residency in Marseille, France and a year teaching in the Interdisciplinary Arts Department's graduate program at Columbia College Chicago. She is happy to be back home and in her studio in Portland, OR and teaching again at the Oregon College of Art & Craft. Her work is shown and collected internationally, and is owned by institutions such as the Getty Research Institute, British Library, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, New York Public Library's Special Collections and in artist book collections of Yale, Harvard, Stanford and more. Although recently put to rest, Inge was sole proprietor of Textura, a letterpress printing and book arts studio for over 10 years where she had the great fortune of collaborating with artists, designers, and letterpress enthusiasts to envision their ideas in print and book form.