Unseen, "The essencial is invisible to the eyes” by Gralha Azul Group - SOLD

We produced this book seeking concepts of what would be invisible to us, in this difficult moment that we go through, as humanity. What can not be seen and affects us so much? It came to our memory, the famous phrase of Saint Exupèry, from the book THE LITTLE PRINCE: THE ESSENTIAL IS INVISIBLE TO THE EYES and it was then the source from which our inspiration poured out. In addition to the various VIRUSES that circulate around the planet, there is an infinite diversity of feelings, which are actually the driving springs of civilization or those responsible for our destruction. While some harm us, others elevate us and have the power to rebuild, save, strengthen, give us courage and good cheer to face the most difficult situations. Based on this concept, we develop this work, following the lines of action that always build our poetics.

Artist Bio

The Gralha Azul Group, form Porto Alegre/RS/Brasil, is dedicated to the research, reflection and production of Artist Books and Mail Art, since 2009. He has active participation in national and international exhibitions, also creating projects in this area, always linked to our land, Rio Grande do Sul, in search of collaborating with the preservation of its fauna and flora. His last major exhibition, OLHAR ATENTO, held in two cities of RS, sought to show a poetic view of our BIOMA. In it participated artists of the group and guests, all active in the area of the Artist's Book.