United States Constitution and Amendments, Redacted by Russell Maret

The text is set in my metal typeface, Hungry Dutch, and subsequently redacted by physically turning key words and phrases over and printing the underside of the type. The resulting text is not the hopeful rewrite I might want; it is intended to reflect the cynical, ineffectual state of political discourse in the United States. Some of the redactions are meant to reduce the text to nonsense, others to distort its meaning altogether. The letterpress type was scanned and printed on a web offset press.

Artist Bio

Russell Maret is a book artist and type designer working in New York City. He began printing in San Francisco as a teenager before apprenticing with Peter Koch in Berkeley. He set up his own press at the Center for Book Arts, New York in 1993 and has been printing and publishing ever since. In 1996 Russell began teaching himself to design letterforms, leading to a twelve year study before he completed his first typeface in 2008. In 2009 Russell was awarded the Rome Prize in Design from the American Academy in Rome. In 2011, he began working to convert some of his type designs into new metal typefaces for letterpress. Since then he has produced four metal typefaces, including Hungry Dutch, a new face for Monotype composition casting, as well as multiple suites of metal type ornaments. He has been the printer in residence of the Press in Tuscany Alley, San Francisco (1990); Artist in Residence at the Center for Book Arts, NYC (1996); Printer in Residence at the Bodleian Libraries Bibliographical Press, Oxford (2017); a trustee of the American Printing History Association; and a Master Lecturer in the MFA Book Arts & Printmaking Department of University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Russell’s books and manuscripts are in public and private collections throughout the world.