(un)familiar by Clare Carpenter and Ingrid Kincaid

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Ingrid Kincaid 33 runes 33 poems 33 words 33 books. It began. It ended. It's a cycle, a circle. The ending is always the beginning. I conceived and birthed a book that is alive and breathing; it is intimate and personal. It invites you to participate with it, to write in the margins, to sketch, to mark, to inhale, to embrace. Deep indents created by intentional pressing of letters into the paper beg to be filled with each reading. To be the guardian of an (un)familiar is a sacred obligation. The (un)familiar runes poems evolved and formed themselves as we worked, as is true of the book itself. What began as 18 folios, with poems printed recto/verso, morphed into an edition of three times the pages, each beginning with a different poem. Between each poem there is an empty page, a pause, a breath. Printed on cotton paper handmade from a custom mold, bound in a long-stitch.

Artist Bio

Clare Carpenter is the proprietor of Tiger Food Press in the neighborhood of St. Johns, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in Portland, Oregon. Her work is strongly influenced by place and how our landscape is imbued with personal histories. Primarily a letterpress printer, her work blends writing, traditional and contemporary print methods, and humor. Carpenter teaches letterpress and bookbinding around the Pacific Northwest, including at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland and at Atelier 6000 in Bend. She enjoys working with clients on custom job printing, as well as with other artists and writers on collaborative art and publishing projects.

Ingrid Kincaid is an author, teacher, storyteller, and spiritual guide. Her style is a unique blend of irreverence, ancient wisdom, and down-to-earth, practical insight. She says she was born a teacher and can't remember a time when she didn't write. While living in Northern California she was part of the Writers Guild, PenHouseInk. Together they published a series of poetry chapbooks. Currently she's working with Oregon artist Lara Vesta and together they're creating two illustrated books, The Lost Teachings of Yggdrasil and Hidden & Forbidden-Women's Dark Moon Wisdom. Ingrid lives life in the realm of imagination, possibility and adventure, weaving together creativity and spirituality. Whether working with individuals or groups, she always begins with the question: What would happen in your life if you really told the truth? She can be found living in Portland, Oregon, in the sight of two volcanoes.