Undivided Texts by Laurie Weiss and Marilyn Worrix

$750.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.

Books create a special interaction with the viewer, inviting exploration. Carefully engineered structures and unlimited creative freedom make for unique artistic possibilities. The book arts can incorporate many different materials, often leading to the question, “Can I make a book out of that?” Undivided Texts combines traditional bookbinding with found objects supporting the importance of measurement.

Artist Bio

After retiring from the field of real estate, law and politics, Marilyn Worrix became fascinated with the book arts. Sixteen years later she is more committed to making books than ever. Marilyn enjoys making historical book structures and small editions. More recently her work has focused on sculptural books. She continues to teach classes in her studio. Laurie Weiss became hooked on book structures twenty years ago while working in the high tech industry. She makes books that are both artistic and functional, creating journals and artist books that meld the visual with the tactile. Her guiding premise is that a book should feel good in your hand and encourage you to explore it; book design should accommodate function as well as draw you to touch and open it. Laurie is also the director of the biennial Focus on Book Arts, a 5-day event held in Forest Grove OR encompassing workshops, keynote address, artists’ shop, exhibit, and evening receptions.