Uluhaimalama: Legacies of Lili'uokalani by Allison Leialoha Milham —BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

This project explores the occupied state of Hawai'i; its political past and history of organized resistance. Milham combines her music with a detailed portrayal of Hawai'i's story contained within the accompanying album artwork and packaging. The content plays out in an interactive uncovering; an intense discovery of successive layers to be sifted through, understood and felt. Postcards, 12" laser cut stencil, booklet and other items of ephemera become tools, allowing the viewer to turn their newly acquired knowledge into action. Beyond its educational goals, the work endeavors to highlight the importance of understanding and connecting to our past, so we may move into the future with awareness and compassion. "The mind is like a tree that should have its roots deep in the ground if it is to stand firm and unshaken. The greater our understanding of past and distant cultures, the deeper our roots and the stronger our tree will grow." David Malo, Native Hawaiian Historian, 1838 —BEST OF SHOW AWARD!

Artist Bio

Allison Leialoha Milham is a book artist, musician and proprietor of Morning Hour Press. She received her BA in Studio Art from San Francisco State University, CA (2006); and her MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (2012). She's taught book arts and printmaking at the college level for the past 5 years and is currently serving as the Community Outreach Coordinator in the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah. Her work is held in multiple public and private collections including Yale University Arts Library and The Library of Congress. "Art-making allows me to explore and bridge gaps in my understanding of myself and the world. I aim to illuminate aspects of our humanity with which we're unaware of or have lost touch with; giving voice to unsung heroes and untold histories. Art becomes simply a vehicle for putting forth information, raising awareness and encouraging positive action."