Two Jade Buttons by Marian Crane -SOLD!

Inspired by two Burmese jade buttons I collected years ago, Wuxia films and graphic novels, Chinese romance novels, Korean historical dramas, and Yaoi fiction. An original poem plays with Western ideas of gender and allure. Fourteen linen and cotton fabric pages are decorated with hand-embroidered and machine-sewn details, free-hanging beadwork vines, digital prints of porcelain and cloisonné I’ve collected from thrift stores, and hand-drawn ink paintings on fabric and recycled buffalo bone plaques. Linen sewn tape binding anchors pages to two woodburned Brazil Cherry covers with accent cords of braided waxed polyester thread, glass, bone, porcelain, jade, and moss agate beads. Tucked into a back panel are two detachable working cufflinks made from the jade buttons, waxed polyester thread, and carved bone.

Artist Bio

Marian Crane grew up amid the spectacular landscapes and cultural diversity of northern New Mexico. A silversmith and fiber artist, she became enchanted with book art in the late 1990s. Her book art focuses on fiber, leather, glass, and wood surfaces because of their tactile richness, becoming hand-held installation art for busy collectors who want a portable, introspective, and meditative experience. These books aren’t meant for large-scale display, but to be private pieces shared with close friends and family.