Twitter FEED by Lindsay Lochman Barbara Ciurej

Twitter FEED is a compilation of tweets from the Twitter account of a rogue White House senior advisor (@RogueSNRadvisor). As reported by this alleged White House insider, excerpts chronicle President Trump’s frenzied fast food binges in response to the stresses of his office and the maelstrom of controversy he has created. The tweets are reproduced over the bright, bloated logos of his beloved fast food conglomerates. As a reflection of the "junk in, junk out” nature of the president's administration, an accompanying processed food portrait with ingredients listed on back, is included with the book, housed in a “Cheeto” colored envelope. Twitter, a medium of impetuous urgency, mirrors the addictive, quick-fix, nutritionally empty, fast food that fuels the President. This preposterous insider send-up serves a purpose; as Katy Waldman of states, “Properly understood, it’s not fake news, it’s fiction as [liberal] self-care.”

Artist Bio

Since they first met as students at the Institute of Design in Chicago in 1977, Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have been collaborating on photographic projects. Their work chronicles the confluence of history, myth and popular culture as these forces shape our understanding of personal experience; from adolescence to motherhood to aging. As an extension of their examination of the domestic landscape, their current work explores the politics and psychology of food. They have exhibited work in the US and internationally. Their photographs are in the collections of Art Institute of Chicago; Milwaukee Art Museum; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and Yale Center for British Art, New Haven. Their recent work, Processed Views: Surveying the Industrial Landscape was published online by CNN, BBC, WAPO, The New Yorker and venues worldwide. Ciurej commutes between Chicago and Milwaukee. Lochman resides in Milwaukee, teaching at the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee.