Twenty Six Charging Stations by Ginger Burrell - Deluxe Edition - SOLD


Twenty Six Charging Stations is a contemporary response to Ed Ruscha's seminal artist book Twenty Six Gasoline Stations. Twenty Six Charging Stations features photographs of electric car charging stations taken from the rural areas of Portland, Oregon, to the Central Valley of California, to the tech hubs in Silicon Valley. From underground parking garages at hospitals to suburban libraries, from shopping malls to truck stops, electric charging stations are interesting and mundane; democratic and elitist.

This deluxe edition features a custom box with EL Neon Wire title, batteries included.

Artist Bio

Ginger Burrell is an artist and teacher. She often collaborates with her husband, Greg, who is adept at U-turns because there is something that really needs photographed. She has her BFA in Photography from San Jose State University's school of Art and Design. She teaches Book Arts at the Palo Alto Art Center and in her home studio. Ginger's primary medium is artist books. Her work includes photography, monotype and composite imagery and explores a range of topics from the personal, to the political, to the universal. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her books are held in private and public collections.