Turning Colors by Elizabeth Sanford

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I’m interested in the intersection of color and language, and the flexicube structure allows me to play with both. Each side features a different primary or secondary color and a chain of linked words, which may be broken into various pairs. Individual words may be coupled with the one before or after to form common expressions or compound words, such as blue moon or moonbeam. As the cubes are rotated, the colors and words shift and change their orientation. Hints of additional hues also tie some sides together.

Artist Bio

Elizabeth Sanford is a watercolor painter who was seduced by the book arts. She has been teaching art for more than twenty years and is currently an instructor at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film in Nashville. Her many awards include First Place in both the Tennessee and Kentucky Watercolor Society Exhibitions. Museum collections containing her work include the Evansville Museum of Arts and Science, the Tennessee State Museum and the Parthenon. She holds an MFA in painting and drawing from East Carolina University and a BA in art from the University of Virginia.