Tuco by Marina Soria -SOLD!

Text by the author: "The mixture crackles in the pot. The smell rises and gets into my nostrils and explodes in my face. The red brilliant tomatoes with the sparkling onions. The evergreen parsley chopped by skillful hands. The shiny silver blade and those twisted fingers due to age are nevertheless handy for dumping the mixture into the boiling oil. Finally the carrots are sliced and chopped to form orange cubes. All of them will take their place in the bubbling preparation. When there was some mix left, Granny used to delicately put the carrots, the tomatoes and the parsley in a glass jar, just like the little jars loaded with different color soils, souvenirs from the North of Argentina. The preparation took its place in the fridge waiting for the next tomato sauce. These memories of colors, smells and flavors are for ever named Abu even when today the hands, the pan and the fridge are others."

Artist Bio

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Degrees in Fine Arts (5 years study) and Graphic Design (3 years study). She has attended International Calligraphy Conferences in the USA and Europe taking courses with well known calligraphers such as Thomas Ingmire, Brody Neuenschwander, Ewan Clayton and Monica Dengo, amongst others. She has received national & international awards and exhibited her pictorial and calligraphic works in Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Spain, Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy and Norway. Her works are part of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Russia, the Hans-Joachim Burgert Collection in Berlin, the Arezzo Public Library in Italy, the Latin American Collection for the Yale University and the Savannah College of Arts in the USA. She has published articles in specialized magazines and her works may be seen in Letter Arts Review Annuals, Bound & Lettered, Novum (Germany), Typo (Mexico), several magazines and webpages in Argentina and the USA. In 2013, her work was extensively featured in Letter Arts Review: 26:3. See: http://www.marinasoria.com.ar/ https://www.facebook.com/calligraphyinblossom