Triple-Decker by Carolyn Shattuck

This interweaving accordion book represents Triple-decker houses which were built in the United States to accommodate newly arrived immigrant workers and their families. The apartments are decorated with textiles, fabric and tiles that are visually integrated with those of other ethnic families portraying a wide range of diversity. A clothesline of ethnic paper fabrics is strung from one apartment to another signalling the complex neighborly relationships. The construction of this book is my expression of acceptance of many cultures living under one roof.

Artist Bio

Carolyn Shattuck was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She trained as a nurse and worked in Psychiatry. When she moved to the United States in 1971, she began her art career. While living in New Hampshire her husband was drafted into the Vietnam war. She and her husband spent three years in Okinawa where she developed an appreciation for Japanese prints. Several years later, she completed her studies by graduating from Bard College with an M.F.A in Painting. She organized an exhibition with three artists called, "A Country of Souls". The purpose of the traveling show was to develop an awareness of the mystery of death and dying issues. The discovery of the intriguing folk art of the Puritans viewed by visiting New England cemeteries, generated a lifelong vocabulary which has threaded itself throughout her work in Book Arts.Her books have been collected by many University Collections including The Smithsonian Museum.