Traverse by Louise Levergneux

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Traverse documents my annual trek across the country from South Jordan, Utah to my home town of Gatineau, Quebec, in East-Central Canada a chance to revisit with family and friends. Along the seven day journey of driving, I keep busy by photographing whatever catches my eye through the windows of our car. I capture the climate, the topography and the state welcome signs to seize the moment of my passing through time. The text that accompanies these moments are a play on the state slogans or nicknames. Hedi Kyle's pivoting panel structure gives the reader my point of view while sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window. Surrounding the panel an image demonstrates the mesmerising effect of the landscape flying by from Utah to Gatineau.

Artist Bio

Louise Levergneux is a photographer and book artist, creating limited-edition artists_ books and participating in national and international book arts exhibitions. Louise's work incorporates digital photography as a medium that expresses her interest in the concepts of memory and identity. Her work focuses upon collecting, storing, and disseminating biographical information. Combining her visual journeys into narratives she integrates personal events and connects people, places, and topics in unexpected ways to create a story that can be read as temporal fragments, or in their entirety. An overriding purpose of her artists books is to capture and disseminate the mundane in a unique, creative, and dynamic way for the reader to experience.