Traveling Together Apart by Bryan Kring

$350.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.
This book contains three short surreal stories about two people joined in a strained relationship traveling though life together while moving emotionally apart. In story one the couple is traveling on the water in a leaky raft. In story two, they are in a noisy train car. And in story three they are hiking on a muddy path. Through it all they are together. Each story is accompanied by an intaglio print. The thin mulberry paper gives the book a very soft and delicate feel although it is actually very strong and durable, a contrast which relates to the theme of the book.

Artist Bio

Bryan Kring paints, draws, prints, and sometimes writes stories. He also enjoys tinkering and making small mechanisms. These are his passions and he is able to indulge them all in his book arts work. Many of his pieces resemble movable paper toys and are multi-layered constructions which entwine intaglio, letterpress and hand painted elements.