Traveler No. 1 by Thomas Parker Williams - SOLD

The Travelers are a series of two artist books with ink drawings on long accordions that are viewed by sliding the unfolded drawing through the custom built case which features an aluminum viewing window. The viewer travels through imaginary landscapes as if in a moving vehicle, viewing an ever changing horizon. The original continuous images for both Travelers were drawn directly on scrolls without preparatory studies or photographic reference. A two-book series, this book is Traveler No. 1. The journey starts in a wooded area, moves over land, mountains, and into the sea, passes an island and comes to rest on a shore. Click here to see Traveler No. 2, the second book in the series. In that book the journey starts in a desert oasis, moves over the edge of a canyon, moves down to the river and over a waterfall emerging over mountains and clouds and comes to rest on an arctic ice shelf. If desired, both journeys can be viewed in reverse.