Tornado by Sherry Barber

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Living in tornado alley in central states, we are often under tornado warnings. My daughter and son-in-law are avid storm watchers and inspired me to create a piece on the subject. This piece began as a work in paste paper. A search revealed that tornados are the subject of many poets. I found a poem by the Kansas poet, Mary Williams Ward, to be particularly engaging as she describes what it was like to live through a tornado. I feel that the imagery of the horn of a unicorn takes the tornado from far off fantasy to a scary reality. I lettered the poem in gouache in the sickly yellow green that we often associate with tornado weather and enhanced the colors and depth of the storm with pastels.

Artist Bio

Sherry Barber has pursued various art media over the years in part to counter the accounting background side of her brain. As a bookbinder, she desired various methods of incorporating content into books. This led her into calligraphy as well as letterpress printing. She continues to create books as well as broadsides and pastel paintings.