Topography of Sky by Jackie Niemi -SOLD!


Topography of Sky is a cloth book containing painted canvas pages. I have hand-stenciled text on sheer organza strips and sewn the strips onto the canvas. Four pages of colorful appliqued and embroidered designs alternate with the text pages. I have used sheer organza to give the feeling of lightness and transparency. The cover is stiffened with interleaving, and painted spruce bark “clouds” adorn the front. The text begins with the phrase: “Sky is unchanging/ everything within sky changes,” and goes on to describe the things that move through sky (weather, light, flying things, unseen forces). I have concluded that no matter what passes through it, “sky is still sky.”

Artist Bio

Jackie Niemi produces artists books as well as work in other media. Her book art pieces have been shown in the Pacific Northwest, and have appeared in two Lark Books publications about handmade books. After 22 years at the Oregon Coast, she now lives and works in Central Washington.