Timeless Flow - Poems by Paulann Peterson

Timeless Flow: A Willamette Calendar is the second collaboration of three artists: poet, Paulann Petersen; printmaker, Barbara Mason; and bookbinder, Laurie Weiss. The six poems collected in this book follow the changes of the seasons along the Willamette River in Oregon and are presented against the water movement through a palette of seasonal changes. The floating nature of the panels in this Hedi Kyle structure contribute to the feeling of movement of the water and its dynamic nature. An excerpt: September Along the banks, tree leaves some of the rain— a bit of the river coming around, slanted down. Leaf-boat after leaf-boat going by under the bridge— autumn flotillas all sail to the north.

Artist Bio

Laurie Weiss became hooked on book structures in 1991, and worked to expand her knowledge and understanding of the principles and methods for binding books. She makes books that are both artistic and functional, creating journals and artist books that meld the visual with the tactile. She believes that book design should accommodate function as well as draw you to touch, open, and explore it. Recently she has been investigating new non-traditional, non-codex book structures and 2-dimensional work that pushes the conventional understanding of what a book is. Laurie is also on the board of the biennial Focus on Book Arts, a 5-day event held in Forest Grove OR encompassing workshops, keynote address, artists' shop, exhibit, and evening receptions.