This Glorious Transmutation Of Being by Dr. Bob Pliny - SOLD!

This book tells the story of a young Philosopher who, while walking in the jungle, is attacked by a hungry tiger. Mortally wounded, the Philosopher experiences a vision in which he is partially devoured by, and thus becomes, a microscopic bacteria. As bacteria he is eaten by and becomes a nematode, which is eaten by a fungi and so on. With the feasting of one creature upon another, the Philosopher is dispersed throughout the world, causing him to experience a deep sense of connection with all things. This over sized illuminated manuscript features a series of whimsical poems and illustrations that explore the idea that all things are unified as one through life’s endless feasting upon itself.

Artist Bio

In 2005 Dr. Pliny opened the Pliny Institute of Super Vision. He grew up in Salem, Oregon and currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his partner, Lucinda, and two Dachshunds. Dr. Pliny graduated with honors from The Cooper Union, NYC. At different times of his life Dr. Pliny has Dr. Bob Pliny has been making art his entire life. Most of the time the artwork produced by Dr. Bob Pliny features pen and ink and fine brush detail applied on layers of loosely applied acrylic paint. Gold leaf is sometimes used as well. The substrate is either paper or wood. Both surfaces are smooth enough to draw on that I'm able to use dip pens with India ink or liquid acrylic.