Thirst by Paulann Petersen and Barbara Mason

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Dark River of Stars is a collaborative artist book by three Northwest artists: Oregon Poet Laureate, Paulann Petersen; printmaker, Barbara Mason; and bookbinder, Laurie Weiss. Poems collected in this volume were gifts the poet sent out individually each Valentine’s Day to friends and family over a period of nine years. The book’s title is taken from a line in one of the poems; it’s a metaphor for a signature, for the uniqueness of each human sensibility. This broadside is one spread from the book featuring the poem titled, Thirst by Paulann Petersen, solar plate etching by Barbara Mason.

Artist Bio

Oregon’s sixth Poet Laureate, Paulann Petersen has five full-length books of poetry:  The Wild Awake, Blood-Silk, A Bride of Narrow Escape, Kindle, and The Voluptuary, published by Lost Horse Press in 2010. She was a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, and the recipient of the 2006 Holbrook Award from Oregon Literary Arts.  A current Associate Fellow at the Attic Institute, she serves on the board of Friends of William Stafford, organizing the January Stafford Birthday Events. Barbara Mason is an artist/printmaker working in her own studio west of Portland, Oregon. A lifelong artist, she began studying printmaking in the early 80s and was immediately enamored with the medium. Barbara made viscosity monotypes almost exclusively for 20 years until she discovered Solarplate etching. She has been an enthusiast of this process since 2001 and has taught the process in workshops since 2002.  Barbara is also an arts advocate and active in the community, teaching and serving as a local resource.