Things to Make and Things to Do by Susan Collard

This call for entries sent me into a flurry of experiments, as well as reading on origami and paper engineering. I had trouble settling on a single project, flirting with structures that didn't quite grow into books, and falling hard for other ideas that proved unworkable as pop-ups. Finally I turned to an old children's encyclopedia, and an omnibus volume that suited my restlessness. I was smitten with the idea of a flat-pack dollhouse, and that became the centerpiece of the book. Inspired by an ordinary six-pack carton, I devised a sort of twin two-pack, hinged to fold flat into a smaller area. I followed the book's advice for furnishing my dollhouse with cut-out pictures, using photos from the book Old Houses by Steve Gross and Susan Daley. All other text and images are culled from Things to Make and Things to Do. I indulged my interest in origami with a sun-like book of four linked petal folds, experimenting with different acrylic techniques on sized muslin.

Artist Bio

Susan Collard is a Portland book artist and architect whose firm, In-House Architecture, focuses on residential remodeling. Her books are typically one-of-a-kind constructions incorporating collage, unexpected materials, and invented forms. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University and an MFA in poetry from the University of Arizona. Her books been exhibited widely since 1991, and are in the collections of a number of major libraries, such as Emory, Stanford, Yale, the University of Washington, and the University of Oregon.