There's a Tormentor in My Head by Fruma Shrensel

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There is a Tormentor in My Head who rants. Sometimes his voice is loud, sometimes soft. He is judgmental and unforgiving. He has opinions about everything. He loves to watch me squirm with guilt by projecting painful scenes from my past into my head and he creates images of disaster for the future. He is dissatisfied with the present and tries to convince me I can only be happy when I have achieved or acquired something new. The Tormentor occasionally pretends he is a good friend, taking my side when I have a conflict. He eagerly flames the fires of my resentments and anger, convincing me that I am right and others are unjust, dishonest, or stupid. That voice is the source of my distress. It can't be strangled or drowned. It will never be completely silenced. I can observe it, ignore it, remind myself it is not be taken seriously, and turn my attention elsewhere. The rant will then fade into the background often disappearing for moments at a time like a quiet ocean wave.

Artist Bio

Fruma Shrensel has worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and nurse. She studied fine art at Carnegie Mellon University, and after completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Empire State College she continued to study drawing and painting at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League in New York City. She is a longtime member of the Guild of Book Workers and the Book Arts Guild in Seattle where she also served on the Board of Directors. In 1995 while working with a commercial printer using new digital technology she designed and printed a book entitled Ordinary Things. Fruma was convinced she had discovered a new art form until further investigation led her to the Center for Book Arts in New York City, where she began to study the art of bookbinding and letterpress printing from gifted professionals. Her work is often inspired by life's spiritual and psychological challenges. Each book becomes an exploration ofnew technical and artistic challenges. The visual and tactile experience of the finished book is of primary importance. Fruma incorporates letterpress and relief printing, stencils and mixed media, and also uses digital output when appropriate.  She hopes that each book engenders a moment of insight or pleasure for another person.