The Wickiup by Laurie Strong -SOLD!

I made this book because it represents to me the most elemental nature of home or house: that which is built to protect us, comfort us, where we are warm and fed and renewed. To be in a Sweat Lodge is the womb re-visited, from which one emerges cleansed and re-born. The Wickiup is the sweat lodge writ large, where families in times past lived communal and mutually supportive lives. Our homes are highly personal spaces whatever their size, shape, style or ostensible value, whether we buy or rent them complete, create them from the first idea to the first night spent, or throw them up for needed shelter. They are, to some extent, the 'package' that speaks of our self-imagined identity. What is more personal and representative of self than a home built with materials gathered or devised by the person who will live in it? As our lives circle into greater complexity, it is useful to remember "home" and "that which is built" as our first elemental necessity.

Artist Bio

Laurie Strong studied art at San Francisco State and Seattle University and earned a Master's degree in social work at the University of Washington. She finds 'book art' to be a rich environment for reflection as well as an expression that explicitly addresses story. "The pairing of language and emotion with seemingly practical construction is both subtle and powerful," she states. A personal story, an inspiration, a memory in abstract or 3-dimensional form: all present well in book art form. Ms. Strong has exhibited in several western Washington galleries as well as Puget Sound Book Artists exhibitions, and loves books in any form.