The White Out by Tekla McInerney -SOLD!

I think the most appropriate way to honor the work of Hedi Kyle is to infuse a single book with many of her artistic hallmarks a crown structure made of rescued book pages and vintage paper, wrapped in a minimal gesture of modest elephant hide paper, slowly revealing the hidden story of a blizzard. The text reads: On the globe in far southern latitudes, a wanderer migrates unknown distances, penetrating the weird white darkness veiled in light snow. It moves like an ignis fatuus through the winter waves of strong white draperies rustling curtains in the same curious form. The sound swells and fades like that of a silk dress of the Queen, somewhat evanescent, skirts that twist and zigzag in seemingly purposeless pattern. Then, her massive sinister wailing coming from nowhere with the milkiness of the fog on a white day, disintegrate in the sea and float through a woolly-white luster of heavy snowfall.

Artist Bio

Tekla McInerney is an artist and designer living in Florence, Massachusetts. She makes prints and books and exhibits them throughout the U.S. She embraces the belief that artist's books are for the individual to develop an aesthetic and communicate a story using common materials. Her intent is to elevate common or "honest" materials into visually appealing and widely accessible work. Her books have been recognized with Best of Show and Juror's Choice awards and can be found in the collections of Yale University, the University of Washington, and the University of Utah. She is a member of Zeamays Printmaking studio and is represented in their Flat File project.