The View From Here: Volume 1 by Nina Eve Zeininger

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The View From Here is an ongoing photo series of the moments, grandiose or seemingly unimportant, that make up life. The colophon for Volume 1 reads: It is so easy to get caught up in life and forget the little things that make it special. The View From Here is an ongoing photo series that celebrates the small, beautiful details that we should all take a moment to enjoy. Volume 1: I grew up in Connecticut with an overgrown backyard and a plethora of nature hikes at my doorstep. I never doubted I would live in a city and I can't imagine ever living elsewhere. Still, it's no wonder I'm attracted to the small pieces of nature that inhabit the city. This volume of The View From Here contains glimpses from mornings walking my lover's dog. It begins and ends with the same view from the doorstep.

Artist Bio

Nina Eve Zeininger has been obsessed with books since receiving Harold and the Purple Crayon as a child. While earning her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, she took as many book and printmaking classes as possible and after graduating completed the Bookbinding Certificate program at the San Francisco Center for the Book. A lover of words, books, photography, and grammar; Nina Eve's work is infused with nature, bright colors, fun, and sarcasm. Day-to-day she spends her time teaching letterpress and book arts, making art, working in non-profit arts management, crafting yummy food and tasty cocktails, and playing fetch with her cats.