The Universe is Intricate by Rachael Ashe

$320.00 - Please contact 23 Sandy for current availability.

I create cut paper designs influenced by the repetition of shape and form found in nature. Think of the intricate lines of a spider’s web, the formation of petals radiating from the center of a flower, or ripples on the surface of still water—all are mathematical structures given form. The box hints at the mysteries of the universe we have yet to decipher through math and science, and gives the observer an intimate view into organic forms left open to interpretation. Through the lens of my artistic practice I have lost the intimidation I once felt around the subjects of math and science. With nature as my guide the wonders of the universe become mine to unlock.

Artist Bio

Rachael Ashe is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist, who is self-taught in mixed media altered books, paper cutting, and paper engineering. A graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College, she works from a small studio in East Vancouver, British Columbia. Rachael recently completed her first corporate commission for Vancity Credit Union, as well as her first paper engineering project creating ten full-sized musical instruments for the latest video of indie band, Current Swell. Much of her recent works have been explorations of freehand paper cutting and folding techniques focused on the repetition of shape and form.