The Twins' Travels by Dorothy A. Yule and Susan Hunt Yule

In 2015, we traveled to Europe for the XXXIII Conclave of the Miniature Book Society in Amsterdam. This was the first European trip we had taken together in almost 20 years. We had both studied at art school in London and still have many friends in England. So our trip became a journey to visit the past, and to meet new friends and find new adventures in the present. As the epigraph of our book says: Above the waves, in midnight skies, the fantasy adventure lies: across the land, beyond the sea, a voyage for my twin and me. The format of this little book was loosely based on Dot's Travels, a miniature book published by the American Tract Society in 1874, a copy of which we acquired at the Book Fair of the conclave in Amsterdam. Many of the rhymes were written as we traveled and finished when we returned to our respective homes. Susan then illustrated the finished text. Half of the edition was made as keepsakes for the friends, old and new, that we saw on our journey.

Artist Bio

Dorothy A. Yule and Susan Hunt Yule are bookend twins: Dorothy lives in California and Susan lives in New York. They have worked on many book arts projects together, including Souvenirs of Great Cities, and on various eccentric ephemera. Dorothy has a Masters degree in Book Arts from Mills College and makes artists books, mostly miniature in size and often with movable and pop-up elements. Her book, Memories of Science, (with star maps drawn by Susan) won the Meggendorfer Prize for Artists Books from the Movable Book Society in 2014. Susan has a BA Hons from St. Martin's School of Art in London and is an award-winning illustrator. She has decades (and several shelves) of hand-bound Coptic sketch books full of amazing drawings and beautiful water color paintings. They have been drawing and writing (together and apart) for more than 50 years.