The Telephone Book by Julie Shaw Lutts

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The Telephone Book: Helpful Hints for Using Your New Phone, is designed after a vintage telephone directory which pages flip through the alphabet. Each of the twenty pages has a vintage photograph with a helpful hint to using your new phone. Such as, "When you finish dialing, wait a moment and you will hear a burr--burr--sound. This means that the telephone you have called is ringing. Be sure to let the telephone ring long enough to give the other person time to answer."

Artist Bio

Julie Shaw Lutts is a book artist exploring themes of history, women, geography, time, mathematics, memory and science, often using vintage items both strange and simple in her work, including maps, diaries, tintypes, photographs, handwritten letters, odd medical devices, keepsakes and relics. Most recently, Lutts published the first artist book app, called The CuRiOuS Alphabet. Her work is held in collections both public and private, including The Tate Britain, Winchester College UK, London College of Communication, Cardiff University UK, Emory University, Olin College of Engineering, Savannah College of Art & Design, The Book Art Museum Lodz, Poland. Her work is featured in 1000 Artists Books, Quarry & 500 Artist Books Volume II, Lark.