The Spice Series: Concoctions 2 by Islam Aly -SOLD!

Spices have always been known for enhancing flavor and aroma. However, which kind of spices needed, when to add them, and in what quantities? This process is similar to preparing fiber and producing paper by hand. In my spice series, I wanted to document the spices we use at home in Egypt. In addition, I wanted to show how these spices appeal to the five senses in a book that have a unique touch and smell. I use different spices and herbs such as: black pepper, clover, cardamom, and coriander, anise, and hibiscus. Each spice reminds me of a memory: my mother’s cooking, walking through the old streets of Cairo, drinking herbal tea in cold winters and sharing food with family and friends. I document these experiences and give the audience the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences when viewers smell, touch and see the pages of the book.

Artist Bio

Islam Aly received a BA  and an M.A. in Art Education from Helwan University, Egypt. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate, College Of Education, Art Education program, University Of Iowa. In 2011 he joined the MFA program at the University Of Iowa Center for the Book. He use the historical and cultural references from historical models in his book art. He is exploring ways to use the rich structure of historical books in teaching contemporary artists' book practice.